Thursday, September 18, 2014

I Love the Farmers Market

Every Saturday in my town there is a farmer's market. It's in the train station parking lot and is full of all sorts of things. What makes this the ultimate food destination? From fruit to vegetables, pastries to sausages, they have it! I love the sights and smells there. 

All the food is grown in our area or are made at a local small businesses. You always know where it is coming from. Another great thing about this market is that it inspires you to try new food. 

One trip we bought beets, purple beans, zucchini, and sweet onions with scallions growing on top. Four things that we don’t usually buy at the grocery store.

Each weekend, throughout the fall, I will be going to the farmers market to buy ingredients for the things I cook. On Tuesdays I will share with you what I find and the recipes I used them for. I am going to call it Farmer's Market Finds.

I am looking forward to the things I discover, I hope you are too!

Want to find a farmers market near you? Check out this site. All you have to do is type in your location and tons of locations pop up.

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