Monday, August 10, 2015

What I am Loving Right Now...Fresh Berries

These are the things I eat, make, read, and can’t get enough of. They are too good to keep to myself. Here, I let you in on what I’m loving right now. 

This month I am loving fresh berries.

Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries all have one thing in common, they are delicious!

While in Rhode Island visiting friends, on a gloomy day, we decided to go berry picking. We bought containers for the berries and trecked through the rows looking for the plumpest and reddest strawberries there.

To my surprise we filled 2 quart sized containers of strawberries along with a pint size of raspberries.

If you are interested in going berry picking with your family it’s easy to look up berry picking locations near you. If your from NJ here's a site to find a location.

Fresh berries are great to snack on and share and have a great taste everyone enjoys. To use your fresh picked berries try these Biscuits With Summer Berries and Whipped Cream or this Strawberries n' Cream Pie from Food 52. Even a Triple Berry Smoothie from A Beautiful Mess.

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